A Little bit of Feedback from our Awesome Customers!
"There is a distinct difference in impact between my new bat from you, and my
maple bats.  Plus, it feels great, comes through very well - it is my ideal bat
design on the best wood available."
"Just wanted to give you some feedback on the bats. I love them!
""I just opened the bat and I need to tell you - it's the most beautiful thing I think I've ever seen. The
feel, the smell - it's amazing, you are a true craftsman!"
"Got the bat today it looks and feels great. I appreciate your quick turn around and will be using it in league play Wednesday.
Thanks again!"
"Excellent bats!  Very nice and we are using them tonight actually. Thanks again and excellent work!!"
"The bat looks great! Thank you for keeping the tradition and craft of bat making alive!
"It's great!  I really like it.  Thank you so much for the great job you did on the bat.  It's very solid, I love the way it
sounds when I make contact.
"The birch bat is built like a rock.  It's also beautiful.  As a compliment to your work, the birch bat is so strong, so solid,
that it almost has a feel of a metal bat.  This is great for a guy who wants durability."
"Again, bottom line: your bats are superbly made, and the quality is outstanding!"
"So - I'm excited for the white ash and for the big barrel.  Please know that I'm very pleased and impressed with your work and your
customer service.  You've been extremely helpful and I'm a big fan of your company."
"Our new bats worked well for us and many of the guys used them also. We have double header this sun also. The
bats performed great as always."
"My son used your 42"/42oz bat yesterday in a pre-season men's wood-bat scrimmage game, and he told me that
it felt "light" in his hands.  As this was a new league, virtually everyone unfamiliar with him was surprised at his
using the 42" bat.  Players examined and held his bat, asked him where he got it from, and he would answer
"Bear Valley" in California pointing to your logo."
"The bat is great and Alejandro just loves it. Alejandro says it has alot of pop and he likes the balance with the knob you put on.
Thank you very much and I will stay in touch with progress reports and any new orders if they are needed."
"2-5 w 3 rbis!!! Amazing bats!"
First, it is a beautiful work of art.
It is exactly how I'd like my bat to be - and now it really is that way.
...when I took it to the plate it felt so light in my hands - and it came around quickly on a pitcher who was much faster than I have been used
to this year.  Pretty good for a hickory bat!
...I felt good about the way the bat handled, the solid contact it made in all three at bats and the way it drove the ball.
This is one outstanding baseball bat.
Thank you for helping to create such a fine bat."
These Are the bats i have used (in the past) --- favorites being from top to bottom:

Sam bat
X bat
Max bat
Old Hickory
Louisville slugger

Well let me tell you, your bats are now my favorite by far!  I'll never buy another brand.  The pop and sweet spot is similar to besr metal bats!

I was starting to think that wood bats were all the same and all had the same pop. But with your bats, idk if it was the hardening or what--- it honestly
seemed like they had more pop! I've used the 35oz in my game. I went 2/3 with a home-run and a double. All 3 balls I hit very hard.

I was extremely impressed with your bats. I WILL be ordering some more as soon as I break 1 whether they are in birch or ash, I'm not sure yet.  
Thanks for everything --- you guys are 4real!"--
"Inspected by More Umpires Than Any Other Bat Manufacturer"
"[Bear Valley Bats], got Brian's bats today and you outdid yourself.  He had
the biggest smile and absolutely loves the bats and the knobs especially.  
We'll be doing some hitting tomorrow and he can't wait.  Had a tournament
this week and saw about 8-10 bats either shatter or just a handle left in kids
hands." - July 2015
"...all I can say is wow.I just got the bats, my old bat looks like new you did
an amazing job on it I am blown away.I can't wait for BP on Friday to show
the guys I work out with...I will be bringing my old and new bats to next game
on Sunday. Thanks a lot...I hope you get some more business from the
great work you did for me." - April 2015
Current Specials!
"Wow!  My son loves the bats.  Honestly, these are the best bats I have ever seen.. The quality is the
best.  You have a customer for life.  We will definitely promote your company on the east coast." - July
"Absolutely love, love the bat!  Will probably order another for spring.  Ball jumps off the bat noticeably
when squared up and sounds great.  Even a few mis-hits had enough on them to fall.  Hit a few in spots
that would have broken lesser bats.  A few guys on the team asked me about the bat as well.  I definitely
forwarded them to  BVB.   Customer for life" - September 2018