The GRAIN is the Best Indicator of Wood Quality
For all wood used for baseball bats, the most important factor is the wood grain followed by wood density.
Both factors vary among species and even vary among trees of the same fact both factors can
vary significantly even within the same tree.

Bats-Wide or Narrow Grain? Study Might Surprise You."
We use only hand selected wood from Grade #1 stock.

Each bat we make is as individual as the player.  Consequently we are more selective about the wood we
ALWAYS check the grain of ANY bat you plan to purchase or  use...even if it is free!  The GRAIN of all
professional quality bats should be straight throughout the length of the bat.           

(2/20/14 NOTE: Recent studies seem to indicate this is not particularly important with Canadian Yellow
Birch, but it is especially important with Northern White Ash!)
Below are photographs of an "Ash" bat made by a very large company. A black line has been drawn
on the bat to  help you "follow the grain" pattern.

See below...
This bat was purchased
in California. The
specifications for this
bat do not meet BVB
Note how the grain in this bat twists? The grain literally leaves
the bat near the label.

Now compare that to the Bear Valley Bat above it. The BVB
grain is the straightest possible--increasing both performance
and durability.
The most reliable indicator of wood bat quality is straight grain throughout the length of the bat,
especially should end up near the center of the knob. Click on the pictures above to see
what we mean.
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