Beautiful Exotic Wood Trophy/Warm Up Bats
Over the years we have experimented with many species of wood to find better performing
baseball bats. During that time we have come across some wood species that may not be
suitable for baseball, but they make stunningly beautiful bats. Some of these species are
extremely rare in the sizes needed to make bats, and others are too heavy, too light, or have poor
impact strength properties. But some have gorgeous wood patterns and colors that make them
popular for trophy bats. Some are extremely heavy, which makes them ideal for a team warm up
Pistachio Wood
Mountain Mahogany (Cercocarpus ledifolius)
Pistachio Wood is remarkable in that you never really know what colors you will get once it is
made into a bat. There are hues of green and purple but most common is the dark brown
heartwood in contrast to the yellow sapwood. Most Pistachio Trees are the result of grafting so
you will get sudden changes in wood color as you see above.

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This is an amazing tree. The trees large enough to produce bat sized trunks are several hundred
years old. The wood has reddish-brown heartwood with swirls of orange, red, and dark brown.
The wood is extremely hard with a Janka rating of 3230 and very heavy. This is not a game
bat...plenty hard and tough, but the weight is over twice that of White Ash. The above bat you
see is 33.25 inches long and it weighs 64 ounces, or four pounds even. This wood makes
extraordinarily beautiful bats. Ideal for gifts, award/trophy bats, and display bats.

And of course we can personalize it almost any way you want.

Mountain Mahogany is an evergreen shrub/tree that grows from 6-25 feet tall in the mountains of
the Southwestern United States. Mountain Mahogany forms an important ground cover on dry
windswept mountain slopes where the harsh conditions allow few other species to survive.

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Lignum Vitae is the hardest, densest, heaviest hardwood on the earth. When compared to other
woods on the Janka hardness scale Pignut Hickory is 1,820...Lignum Vitae is 4,500!

Some of the best known uses for Lignum Vitae are for hydroelectric bearings, submarine and
ship bearings, (Lignum Vitae bearings run much quieter than metal bearings). There are
hydroelectric plants running 24/7 for over 25 continuous years on the same set of Lignum Vitae
bearings and military ships using the same bearings for over 50 years!

This wood is not recommended for game use.  The bat in the above photograph is 34.25 inches
long and weighs 65 ounces!

A Lignum Vitae bat makes a beautiful and unique trophy ideal for coaches and  players alike.
Some use this wood for strength training or as an on-deck warm up bat for the team.

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Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)
Brazilian Cherry is a very hard and dense wood with beautiful deep reds and golden hues.

It is 30% harder than true hickory and 45% harder than Sugar (Rock) Maple.

Generally too heavy for a game bat, Brazilian Cherry makes an ideal mid-range heavy training
bat (about a + 5 to +8 ounces) and a one-of-kind trophy bat.

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Cocobolo is a beautiful wood that is often used as a substitute for Brazilian Rosewood. With red,
brown and purple hues, it makes a unique and stunning gift or trophy bat.

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