We are a Family-Owned Company
We are located in Big Bear City, a small mountain community  tucked 7,000 feet high in the
San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California.

We hand make every one of our bats
We have never mass-produced bats and we have no desire to do so. We started our business with
a single purpose: produce the premier wood bat with each and every bat custom-made by hand.

We do not simply place a piece of wood into a computerized lathe and 3 minutes later send it to
the market selling it as a "custom-made" bat.  The big batmakers mass-produce bats by the 10's of
thousands per day. Our process makes mass production impossible.

We Cut No Corners
We do not dip your bat into a one-step polyurethane finish that you can buy at your local hardware
store. We use the finest quality multi-part and multi-step hardwood sealer & finish. The process we
use to protect your bats is very similar to the process applied to commercial wood flooring, high
traffic wood floors in schools, hospitals, and even bowling alleys.

Our Designs Are Unique to Our Clients
Why?  Because our clients play an important role in the designing of their own bats.  We are happy
to assist with the designs, of course.

We strive to use the best techniques to get the highest performance from each bat. Our techniques
are unique to the industry.

The process and techniques we use to manufacture a Bear Valley Bat makes mass production
virtually impossible.  The time we put into each bat is several hours each, compared to a few
minutes for mass-produced bats. We feel confident that you'll notice the difference in quality.

Demand For Our Product
Our bats are in demand because of the quality and performance of each bat we make.
Our clients are amateurs and professionals from all over the world. Every technique we use to
increase the performance of our bats conforms to the rules of Major League Baseball.
(We do not reveal our techniques to anyone, so please don't ask.)

When you receive your Bear Valley Bat, you will immediately know you have purchased something
not previously available to the public.
"Inspected by More Umpires Than Any Other Bat Manufacturer"
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