The Best Handmade, Custom-Made, & True Pro-Wood Baseball Bats
  • Canadian Yellow Birch Baseball Bats
  • True Hickory Baseball Bats
  • True Northern White Ash Baseball Bats
  • Many Wood Species Currently Available
  • Other Hardwoods in Testing
  • Beautiful Exotic Wood Trophy Bats
Yellow Birch is one of our most
popular wood species for real game
action! But there are many more
options for your specific needs!
For the absolute BEST quality product, we use only
the top 3% of wood harvested for baseball bats.

Every bat is handmade and made to order.

We never sell pre-made bats.

Every Bear Valley Bat is THE BEST
professional-quality bat on the market!

Every bat has a
hardened barrel, unique to Bear
Valley Bats.
"Inspected by More Umpires Than Any Other Bat Manufacturer"
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If this is your first time at BVB...please take some time to go through the website and learn what makes a great baseball bat. Whether you buy from
BVB or another company, please use the information provided here to make an informed decision on the kind of bat you purchase.
*Heartwood Barrel Upgrades Available Now!*
--Fully Customizable Handles and Knobs-
Custom Labelling Available on All Bats!!
We do not have any pre-made bats on shelves waiting to be
sold as "custom made bats."  Putting your name on a pre
made bat is hardly what we consider, "Custom made to the
specifications of our customers."
Fully Custom Exotic Wood Trophy Bats
*Now Available!*