The Best Handmade, Custom-Made, & True Pro-Wood Baseball Bats
  • Canadian Yellow Birch Baseball Bats
  • True Hickory Baseball Bats
  • True Northern White Ash Baseball Bats
  • Many Wood Species Currently Available
  • Other Hardwoods in Testing
  • Beautiful Exotic Wood Trophy Bats
For the absolute BEST quality product, we use only
the top 3% of wood harvested for baseball bats.

Every bat is handmade and made to order.

We never sell pre-made bats.

Every Bear Valley Bat is THE BEST
professional-quality bat on the market!

Every bat has a
hardened barrel, unique to Bear
Valley Bats.
"Inspected by More Umpires Than Any Other Bat Manufacturer"
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If this is your first time at BVB...please take some time to go through the website and learn what makes a great baseball bat. Whether you buy from
BVB or another company, please use the information provided here to make an informed decision on the kind of bat you purchase.
*Heartwood Barrel Upgrades Available Now!*
--Fully Customizable Handles and Knobs-
Custom Labelling Available on All Bats!!
We do not have any pre-made bats on shelves waiting to be
sold as "custom made bats."  Putting your name on a pre
made bat is hardly what we consider, "Custom made to the
specifications of our customers."
Fully Custom Exotic Wood Trophy Bats
*Now Available!*